Another Silicon Valley Commute
Patchen to Cupertino

leaving PATCHEN for another world on the road with KGO
  • Air is fresh and clean
  • Stream in the gulch across the road
    • still bubbling loudly
    • be dry by July
  • Robins chirping – flitting wildly about
  • Doe with fawn staring at me
    • from the trees
  • Wild turkey coaxes adolescent Coyote
    • “come get me” if you can
  • Fog rolling up Los Gatos Canyon
    • sky totally cloudless
    • as blue as any I’ve seen
    • going to be hot in a few hours
  • Feeling Pacific marine layer
    •  wisping through the treetops
    • fog-dripping from redwoods
      • with us till 10:00
      • returning by 4:00
  • I-680  closed
    • Alamo to Crow Canyon Road
    • both directions
    • highway patrol on the scene
    • woman threatening to jump
    • from overpass
  • Highway 101 at Junction Avenue
    • welding machine in the fast lane
    • cars swerving, to miss it
  • El Camino & San Tomas
    • someone lost garbage can
      • right in the intersection
      • cars trying to miss it
      • one guy darting into traffic
      • trying to pick it up
  • Construction Union picketer
    • stumbling drunkenly on sidewalk
    • rebuilding 1960s shopping center
      • partially burned last year
      • using non-union labor
    • buildings less obsolete than Union
  • Highway 17 at Camden
    • washing machine in the freeway
    • better take Highway 9 today
By: Jim
Written: June 8, 1987
Published: April 2022
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