Judy, Judy

She was a very attractive twenty-something “lady”, and it was her first day on the job at IMI in the Western Microwave building on Guadalupe Mines Road. The building was up against the dry Chapparell-covered foothills and Tarantulas would find their way into the building at night and occasionally we would find one dead on the floor the next morning. Such was this Monday morning. Judy was typing at one of those “L” shaped desks with the extension that held the typewriter – she could make an IBM Selectric hum like no other, and it seemed like she never hit a wrong key.

I don’t particularly like spiders but I was sure this one, measuring three or four inches across, had been dead for quite a while, so I picked it up and placed it on her desk, while she faced the other direction. I then said, “Good morning, Judy”. As she spun her chair around, looking the spider in the eye, she said, ‘Jesus Christ, look at that ugly mother fucker”.

This is not Judy, but she and Judy have considerable attributes in common.

On another occasion, she came to work with a tee shirt of the exact same color as her tanned arms and face. It was much like this one, the only differences being that she was quite well endowed, she never wore a bra, the shirt was made of very sheer material, and there were nipples silkscreened on the front in exactly the correct locations.

We were all very sorry to see her leave to become a sales rep for an electronics distributor. Our customers, suppliers, and everyone who had ever visited the facility continued to ask about her for years after she left. I learned later that she had left the industry to join a religious cult of some sort and none of us ever heard from her again.




By: Jim
Written: September 2022
Published: July 2023
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i . . thoughtful commentary perhaps more so than shallow thoughts