The Engineer

“Last week; well, not last week I guess but a few days ago, here in the cafeteria just before noon – not just before noon, more like 11:45 or 11:50, almost noon – Jennifer came in wearing that new dress of hers – you know, the one with the big red flowers all over it. She sat down in one of those new Aluminum alloy chairs with the ergonomic back support and immediately started talking about her cat – I guess she has more than one, maybe a dozen, I don’t know. Those flowers on her dress don’t look as red here as they do outside in the natural sunlight because these LED lights they put in last year don’t have the same broad spectral content as the sun or the same as an incandescent bulb for that matter.  Of course, that’s because it is really not white light – they put a conformal layer of some sort of down-shift phosphor over a blue LED to shift some of the lower wavelengths up into the red and green part of the spectrum so it appears white. The CCT[i]Correlated Color Temperature is the same but the CRI[ii]Color Rendering Index is not and you know those aluminum chairs that the management just put in here have really good strength-to-weight ratios; not like titanium of course but then titanium would be a bit of an overkill for that. Anyway, we always gather here in the cafeteria because the 802.11 is great now that they have the dual-mode ISP thing working with load balancing. The upload is lightning fast and latency is down in single digits. That’s when Jennifer started talking and showing us all those videos of her cat and after that none of the guys could get a word in edgewise. I don’t know how she can go on talking for hours about the same thing over and over again. She said that one of the girls in the office was talking about how boring engineers could be.”

By: Jim
Written: 2021
Published: May 5, 2022
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i Correlated Color Temperature
ii Color Rendering Index