Web Easements

Driveway Alternative

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San Jose Water Connection

The Castor Easement joins the Old Santa Cruz Hwy at 100 feet or more south of where the SJW ownership of the Montavina Pipeline ends at the pumping station near Call Of The Wild. I initially thought it would be necessary to have an easement across 558-08-139 to bridge that gap. It probably was not necessary, because I found out later that SJW obtains an encroachment permit from the County for this purpose, but I continued with the easement to be certain there would not be a problem.

I found an earlier easement across the same area that had been granted by Webb to the Del Monte Mutual Water Company, some years earlier. I took that legal description and used a program called “Metes and Bounds” to create the plat map. I then had Norm Matteoni draw up the easement.

Road Agreement

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