Rats & Cheeseburgers

I once wrote a short story about a fictional friend of mine who lived across the street from a vacant lot, littered with trash, abandoned cars, and rats.  Most of the rats stayed where they were most comfortable but occasionally some would stray across the street.  The man was not rat-phobic, in fact, he was sympathetic and compassionate toward their substandard living conditions, and their lack of upward mobility in business and society. He simply preferred that the rats not visit him as often. So when he became perplexed by the following questions, I suggested that the only thing he could do would be to vote and educate his friends and neighbors on a rational way to think and vote, by asking these multiple-choice questions.

QuestionChoose OneVoting Recommendation
#1What if I line the sidewalk with cheese burgers?A.Rat sightings will increase.Libertarian or Republican
B.Rat sightings will decrease.Socialist or Democrat
C.Rat sightings stay the same.Too dumb to vote
D.UndecidedGo to Question #2
#2What if I build a “WALL” with razor wire on top?A.Rat sightings will increase.Run for San Francisco mayor
B.Rat sightings will decrease.Correct, but you are a racist.
C.Rat sightings stay the same.Try to get on Truth or Consequences
D.UndecidedDon't vote. Apply for CNN anchor.
#3Do “WALLS” really work?A.YesOf course, but you are still a racist..
Socialist or Democrat
C.Not if Trump builds it.Please do not vote
D.UndecidedDo not even drive a car


Later I replaced this metaphor about homelessness with a serious look into that problem, but including illegal aliens and unmanaged crime, two more conditions having a single common denominator – irresponsible law enforcement.

By: Jim
Written: June 9, 2019
Published: August 19, 2023
Reader feedback always appreciated[i]. . thoughtful commentary perhaps more so than shallow thoughts


i . . thoughtful commentary perhaps more so than shallow thoughts